5 Ways to Pick up The Best Quality Crystal Glassware

Crystal ware are one of the most valuable and beautiful home decorative that always make a position in the wishlist of home decor enthusiasts. Crystal is beautiful and classy and mostly used to serve wine and beverages, for example, if you are arranging a party, storing wine in crystal wine carafes and serving it on fancy crystal wine glasses can effortlessly add an edge to the ambience and decor. Using stylish crystalware can be used as a tabletop display, and not only are they just meant to be just displayed but to be used.

Crystals are often confused with glass and especially those who are not versed with these two types of element, often end up with buy misguided products. And if you are going to be the host of a party that is around the corner, you really need some good set of crystal glasses to spice up your decoration. If you are confused with how to differentiate between glassware and crystalware, the following tips will definitely help you out to get the best return on investment.

  1. It might be that you are proud of are very proud of the set of wine glasses you just purchased from an online crystal store. However, it’s time to check whether it is really a crystal item or not. Hold of the wine glasses to a light source. If it creates a rainbow prism effect than Bingo! It is worth spending those bucks. Original crystalware give away this effect and if it doesn’t, then you are just holding a plane glass.
  2. You might have displayed the beautiful crystal trophies in the showcase of your living room. Again you can really find out whether they are made from original crystal or actually from a glass. Take one of them out and tap it. If you can hear a musical ring with a bit of eco, then it is crystal. Crystal is basically lead glass and therefore the great the lead content, the longer the tone.
  3. There are also other ways to identify a glass and crystal. Glassware has sharp cuts, while crystals have more polished and intricate cuts that are precise. For example, many glassware brands sell decanters in the name of crystals. It is really easy to differentiate because the original crystal decanters will have more detailed and intricate cuts while the ones made from glass will be quite simple.
  4. Last but not the least the pricing of crystalware and glassware varies a lot. Crystal items that is way too expensive while glass items are quite affordable. At times, even the brand name matters a lot especially, when you are buying online. It is always suggestible to buy crystal items from a reputed brand that has been in the business for years.

Once you have owned the best and high-quality crystal items, it’s time to deck up your home in the most innovative way to stay out of the box at your party. The following are some of the tips to use crystal glasses and other items to leave your guests awestruck-

Crystal Glasses- use innovatively:

Come out of the age-old tradition of using crystal wine glasses for just serving wine. They can easily become the showpieces on your buffet table. Fill them with coloured water and snip flower heads or just place a floating candle, that’s all, beautiful and elegant.

Use in the living room:

Whether your decor is chic or traditional, fill the glasses with some colourful stones or shells and place them in different corners. These little ideas define the space of your home showcasing your creativity to the visitors.