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Importance Of The Whizzinator

A whizzinator is a product that is made in the form of the male and female urinary parts such that it carries fake urine which can be collected by health officials at work who are to test against drug users. The whizzinator has been created with a lot of innovation to allow you to be free of fear of failing urine tests at work after a weekend of fun with your friends where you used some drugs. There are many advantages of using the whizzinator to give a fake urine sample to the team of doctors carrying out the urine tests especially after you have been attending parties and using recreational drugs in the near past.

First, the whizzinator is made to have a shape which makes it simple to fit in your clothes such that is does not have to look awkward when someone else looks from outside. When you wear the whizzinator, and there is nothing to show that you have something in your inner clothes, you can walk into the room where urine samples are taken confidently before passing the fake urine into the container without feeling guilty.

Secondly, the whizzinator is made such that it has the shape of the manhood and you can hold it as if you are urinating while you squeeze it to release the fake urine into the collecting container that can then be taken to the lab for tests to be done. The fake manhood works in such a way that applying any pressure on it creates a situation where pressure is directed to the storage point where the fake urine is held so that it is made to exit and flow into the small container for collecting and testing.

Thirdly, the whizzinator you purchase will come with a storage location on it where the fake urine is kept the entire time until the point where the people who are to take the samples for testing come in so that you pass it into the container. The place, where the urine is stored, has features that make it possible for the urine to be kept at a warm temperature so that it cannot raise suspicion by getting cold because normal urine is always warm.

Lastly, using the whizzinator when taking a urine test ensures that you get negative results that show you have not been using any illegal drugs even if the reality is that you have used some recreational pills in the past because the fake urine gives the impression that you are clean. Using the whizzinator can save your job because it will ensure that you are not caught even after you consumed prohibited drug substances at a party.

5 Takeaways That I Learned About Tests

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