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Tips on Picking Suitable Solar Panels for Camping Purposes

A substantial chunk of individuals do like spending time out in nature. I think it’s because they afford us the time to be away from the hassles of the city and everyday life. Perhaps you can already envision that upcoming camp with friends around a fire and staring at the stares at night. At least you will be away from all the tech, right? But let us not fool ourselves here. You can’t underestimate the role technology plays especially when you are in such isolated places. After all you don’t want to get lost and not have a way to communicate this. So since you can’t walk around with a generator, portable solar panels make all the sense. Advancements in the solar panel field have resulted in more silky and efficient solar panels that are affordable. This article is going to teach you what parameters to look at when picking camping solar panels.

The best place to start is looking into the cell quality. Solar panels are rated based on the quality and type of photovoltaic cell present in them. Generally, there are three types of solar cells: monocrystalline, polycrystalline and amorphous cells. To ensure you have a portable solar panel with efficient cells, go for trusted manufactures of solar cells. In some cases, the solar cells will have been upgraded by some manufacturers so as to perform even better, e.g. multi-crystalline. A camping solar panel with a low price will most likely be low quality. A competitive price and presence of a warranty will ascertain a quality portable solar panel.

Equally, think about the components that the solar panel is coming with. For camping solar panels, the solar cells are essentially but won’t be able to perform to their full capacity if the other accessories are not in place. For example, getting some strong cables and hinges as well as a firm frame is vital. To ensure that your camping solar panel is strong enough, make sure that the frame is made of aluminium and also ensure you have heavy duty latches. A camping solar panel with rust proof materials and hail resistance is good enough to survive anywhere.

Weight and ease of use are also vital factors of consideration. Simply, pick a camping solar panel that is easy to operate and connect to your devices. Undoubtedly, you don’t want to be lost in the woods with a solar panel that has officially become your enemy. Moreover, camping involves moving, and hence it is wise to get a lightweight, portable solar panel. In the case of an expedition, consider something with the energy capacity to sustain all the power you need.

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