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A Guide to Enterprise Architecture Training and Certifications.

It has been a long time since the internet hit the world and technology has only been getting better since then and it is no surprise that the enterprises systems have become complex and this is the same reason that has caused multiple platform integration for them. This is one of the reasons that gives enterprises an advantage when they go to the international market. It is no wonder that enterprises have had to change how they handle their internal operations and management. The evolution has been longitudinal and this is not forgetting the dramatic changes have been made possible by technology. With all these changes, there was no way firms could have been able to operate smoothly without enterprise architecture. The professionals are the bridge between technology and also business strategies. They draw viable conclusions after analyzing the structure of a company and let the directors know where the company is headed. The goal is to achieve durability, agility, efficiency and also effectiveness. This field is highly specialized and it is worth noting that the architecture frameworks which govern the process are quite different. Consequently, there are many certifications and even training the architects can rely on. It will be very easy for you to come to the right decision when you know what you are facing.

Open Group Certified Architect certification (Open CA) is a certification based on competency. The focus is not much on the application as it is on your knowledge level. This is one of the desirable enterprise architecture certifications because it applies to those in IT, business and enterprise architecture. Because of the large applications, the career opportunities will be many too. However, the applicant has to demonstrate that in the real world they have mastered the field through evidence and examples. The evidence and examples will be reviewed by 3 already established architects who will give their opinions on whether the candidate deserves to be certified or not. The certification guarantees real-world experience and not just knowledge. This certification is required by employers who want a team that has practical experience.

Besides the Open CA, there is Zachman certification which focused on learning that is reality-based. The approach takes the theory learned and relates it to what is going on in the field. What the candidate already knows will be topped up during the sessions and he or she will be exposed to a broader understanding of the industry at large. There are subcategories in this certification with associates being at level 1 and instructors in level 3. This is resourceful to those who want to add onto their skills without having to sit through long hours in training.

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