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Security Measures to Have in a Store for Protection

It is undeniable that it is a major concern for any business owner to protect the inventory and property of the company. We all want a sense of security both at home and in the place where we work, and the best way to have this security is to scare off threats of vandalism, theft and break-ins by installing a security system in your area.

The most common item that security systems usually use are cameras. It is a fact that anybody who is planning to break in or steal from a store will think twice upon seeing a camera in the vicinity because of fear in being caught. Cameras can come as dummy that looks like real cameras, and the real ones are equipped with LED lights and can record anybody being spotted by the camera.

NOwadays, there are new security equipment that will secure your store and are updated to warn off even technologically advanced thieves.

The first security item that we would like to mention is the entry alert door chime. It is observed that during non-operating hours, the conventional mode of entry and would go through that most thieves would use is the front door of your establishment. For this reason, it is still important to have a security system on every door you have in your establishment, like using entry alert door chimes for doors that lead to your storage, back room, leading to the main store and other rooms. This is a security system that can be just mounted on the wall or ceiling, without any complicated wiring involved, and thus is easy to install.

The next security product to mention is the convex security mirror, with a specification going as wide as 36 inches that will make sure you see everything that is happening in every corner of your shop. Know that the best security mirrors are made of shatterproof acrylic that will not be damaged by frustrated thieves who knew they have been caught.

It is best not to rely on your cash register along in keeping your money safe, and so there is another security product that you can use which is the under counter safe where you can store your larger bills. Providing more stringent security for your money are the safety bolts, cash slot baffles and multiple keys that are featured in the best models of this security product.

The next new security product is the counterfeit detector pen which you can use to detect if the money you are being paid of is a counterfeit. By simply marking the bill you can tell the kind of money given to you, by seeing light color showing up then it is real, but it shows dark color then you have a counterfeit money on hand.

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