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Three Peculiar Destinations To Consider On The Planet

Where you question a lot of people on the best place to travel, they will overly pinpoint London or even France. However, where you pose the same question to a traveller who is passionate about unique destinations and travelling in general, they will avail a refuting answer. Generally, the best destination to tour is that unique place that you will have to find and trace and not the commonly known ones. This article avails information that will help you discover more on the best and most unique or weird places to travel in the world.

First and foremost, you should consider travelling or touring California in the US. This is where you will find the beach that is made of glass. This is where darkness meets the light as many people don’t understand how a beach that was trash filled could turn into a beautiful tourist attraction. From the years 1906 to the years 1967, this is where the trash or all debris and clutter were disposed. From the year 1967, inhabitants abhorred from using the beach as their disposal site and cleaned all the recyclable materials.

Secondly, you should consider touring or visiting the Rabbit Island which is located in Japan. This is an island full of bunny rabbits and its located some few minutes from the Japan coast. Basically, this island was a significant place in the World War 2 as it was the so called poison factory. Bunny rabbits acted as the guinea pigs for testing the poison and determining whether its effective and efficient. Once the poison was confirmed to be effective, they could use it on the Chinese during the warfare. After the war was over, the factory closed down and these rabbits were allowed to move and inhabit the island. These rabbits overly multiplies and increased maximally as there were no predators in the island. The rabbits are used to people nowadays and instead of running away when they see you, they will always run towards you for food.

The last place or destination to consider is the rainbow trees that is located in the Philippines. These unique Eucalyptus trees are only found in three places on earth and that is New Guinea, Indonesia and Philippines. This trees are also known or referred to as the Mindanao gum. All through the years, these trees or rather Mindanao gum have a unique shedding process that overly contributes to the color emerge. Where tourists think about the colors, they overly think they are photo-shopped.

The above info only pinpoints three unique places or rather destinations to consider. There are other multiple places that you can consider but these three will avail a tremendous experience. Therefore, you should always consider planning a vacation or a tour to these destinations.