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Sexual Harassment Cases Popular in the United States

In the year 2017 alone, the United States saw the numbers of the sexual based charges taken to their courts go so high as to over 12,000 charges. By far and large, such a rise in the number of the cases based on sexual harassment charges was not only seen in the United States alone, but rather applied the world over. The year as well saw such a rise in the number of the number of personalities from the entertainment industry, Hollywood celebrities, who came out and spoke of the sexual harassment that they had as well faced over the years. What amazed many was the fact that these cases and allegations actually were around some of the well known personalities and powerful leaders and by extension this went as far as to affect countries such as India, Peru and Israel.

Thanks to the agitation by the #metoo movement, there was seen such a rise in the number of sexual harassment cases. In as much as this is the case, the success and the rise in the number of the sexual harassment cases has as well been a result of the sexual harassment cases that we had before seen prior to the ones we see and hear of today. As a matter of fact, looking at the US history, you will see the fact that there are a number of the sexual harassment cases that actually mark the course of the country’s history. Read on and see some of the biggest and quite amazing of these cases that so dot the country’s history.

In the list of the examples of these cases was that which had the Catholic Healthcare West sued by one Ani Chopourian which was in the year 2012. The suing party was an employee of Mercy General Hospital, serving as a physician. The allegations she had were such as those that included the fact that in the course of her dispensation of her duties, serving as a physician at the facility, she actually reported many times cases of sexual harassment.

In her allegations, she said that her employer, Catholic Healthcare West did absolutely nothing to follow on her allegations. Some of the harassments she alleged to have been subjected to included those such as verbal assaults such as where she was ever being greeted by this guy every morning telling her that he was horny and the same repeatedly slapped her buttocks. In the initial final determination of the case, Chopourian was awarded a handsome settlement of over 160 million dollars. Looking at history, this award for compensation for the case was actually one that had never been in the history of the United States.

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