Something Special: Sports Memorabilia

How many remember growing up loving a favorite sports team and then passing that passion onto the next generation? How many remember wanting or needing that signed jersey or that autographed baseball? Sports have been a part of society for thousands of years. Our ancestors played and enjoyed sports as much as we do today. It’s a part of who we are.

American sports are relatively new. These sports were created in the mid to late 1800 with its roots stemming from many sports, which have enjoyed a long time popularity in many nations. When collecting memorabilia, it is more than just a keepsake.

Types of Memorabilia

There are many types of sports memorabilia. When talking about the sport of football, this can include, but is not limited to helmets, mini-helmets, jerseys, photos, footballs, display cases, newspapers and football cards. These pieces generally include autographs of each member of a specific team.

Baseball is also an American pastime and has been enjoyed around the world for just about as long as American Football. Believe it or not, memorabilia can be different among sports. Baseball memorabilia includes bats, helmets, jerseys, magazines, baseballs, cards, newspapers, photos and softballs.

Basketball is also similar in age to these other two great American sports. Being created in 1891 by a man working for the YMCA in Massachusetts, basketball has stolen the hearts of millions. Basketball memorabilia includes floorboards, jerseys, magazines, photos, basketballs, display cases and cards.

Why Memorabilia Is Important

Often people think sports memorabilia is expensive or only for collectors, but sports memorabilia is more than a collection. It is an important and unforgettable piece of history. Having something such as this is a part of childhood and adulthood. It is a living part of history and can act as something a family can be proud of.

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