Two Ways to Stand Out More Effectively at Crowded Trade Shows

With thousands of potential buyers walking by each day, it might seem like just about any trade show booth should produce results. In practice, though, only the exhibits that do the best job of attracting attention can hope to generate the returns hoped for by their owners. As those who find out more online will see, though, there are plenty of proven ways of standing out at trade shows.

Booths That Go Beyond the Basics Most Often Win Out

Many trade shows today feature hundreds or thousands of exhibitors, each hoping to connect with plenty of those in attendance. Confronted by so many options, even the most diligent of visitors will inevitably end up having to make some difficult choices.

Trade show exhibits that aim higher than the rest usually end up securing the lion’s share of the available attention. While having plenty of substance to offer will pay off once a visitor has become interested, it generally takes quite a bit of effort even to get to that point. Some of the features and extras that most often allow particular booths to catch the eyes of those passing by include:

  • Distinctive graphics. Many companies err too much on the side of conservatism when commissioning designs for their trade show exhibits. In quite a few cases, it will be worries about a brand’s image that end up stifling booth designers overly much. While image should always be a concern, the effectiveness of an exhibit’s design will often depend upon how eye-catching it is. Allowing booth designers even a bit of additional creative freedom can easily pay off.
  • Audiovisual features. Trade show floors are almost always noisy and teeming with varied sights. Adding the right types of audiovisual equipment and media to an exhibit will help it make more of an impression in such a competitive environment. In some cases, even a short video clip that endlessly repeats will make a difference.

A Better Booth for Any Business

Emphasizing features like these so as to better stand out can contribute to the success of almost any trade show exhibit. Companies that take care to establish a notable, noticeable presence at trade shows tend to like the results.