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The renown Combat Veterans.

Many countries are faced with cases of insecurity. The insecurities include terrorist attacks, gang violence and threats of government takeovers. In effect, countries have developed strong security protocols to prepare for war and maintain peace. This is why combatant are relevant. Combatants, also known as troopers or fighters are a team of skilled soldiers trained to protect a nation against any security threats and in the event of wars. The difference between combatants and civilians us that the former is legally allowed to engage in wars. A number of combatants have families and can still have a normal social life while delivering their duties as soldiers.

History records events in which combatants played heroic roles. Men willingly participated in the army to protect the peace and well-being of their nations. Coping with war was not easy due to the numerous challenges they faced such as anxiety and responding to spontaneous wars. Notwithstanding, resolute and confident combatants fought and won wars. In recent times, one event that has stood out, in which combatants fought and achieved worldwide peace was taking down Bin Laden, the world’s most wanted terrorist. It took place on May 2011. It happened on the first of May,2011. It occurred on the first of May 2011. A well-trained team of combatants formed a seal team of six people and commenced the mission. The assassination of the criminal, Bin Laden was a victory to the world leaders because he was the highest security threat to the nations. It took years of training and planning to eventually embark and succeed on the mission. The team also invested both time and resources and further involved the intelligence team to ensure they were up to date with the movements of the target.

Among the soldiers who participated in taking one of the most wanted criminals, Bin Laden, is Robert O’Neill. Robert O’Neill worked as a navy seal operator after being recruited to the navy at the age of 19. His career in the navy has been marked with achievements and deployment to Afghanistan and Iraq since 1997. His workmates concur that he served with great distinction and was a great operator. His co-workers assent that he stood out in his service. His reputation precedes him, and it is far from perplexing that he was part of the seal team that led to the defeat of Bin Laden. He is the par excellence of the major role played by combatants in safeguarding nations interests. In addition, the recruitment of combatants includes all genders. This indicates that combatants are primarily focused on achieving their goals. Including people sends out a message that everyone can be a peace and security maker. Combatants are undeniably the promoters of peace and security in their nations.

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