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The Pros of Drug Testing in Your Company

Every company should consider embracing a drug testing policy in their operations. Some of the companies who have taken this initiative to the next level have declared their working environments to be alcohol or drug-free zones. In order to ensure that this is seriously followed, there should be a screening process before entering the company premises. Drug testing aims at getting out all the problematic employees out of the company. Some of the benefits of drug testing are discussed below.

The main purpose of drug testing is getting rid of all intoxicated fellows from accessing the working environment. Drug testing should start during the interview process to bar drug addicts from entering your workforce. However, most of the employees will lie about their relationships with drugs as well as alcohol on realizing that you have tough stands on the same. If you are not keen on such people, then be sure that you have opened windows to unbecoming habits in your company. Drug testing can also help you come up with a list of employees already in the company who are struggling with addiction. In case you find a few cases then you should come up with measures on how to help them break the cycle.

Drug testing enables you to get respect from the community on your role as a leader against drugs. Your company will portray a good image in helping the community fight against the use of drugs such as cocaine and heroin. You will serve as a good example to them and thus challenging them to also play their part in ensuring that the society is free of drugs and alcohol. Drug testing will help your company as well as other members of the society in ensuring that you champion against a drug-free environment.

Drug testing is advantageous is promoting a safe working environment. All the employees are able to work socialize well with others and increase the company’s productivity. The workplace will also be free from accidents that are very common with employees under the influence of drugs and alcohol. As a company, it is not good to risk the lives of everyone by accidents caused by one employee who is under drugs. It is important therefore to ensure that everything runs well.

In addition to the above-mentioned benefits of drug testing, it also reduces the costs incurred in insurance premiums and other claims arising from disability. You company will often spend a lot accident cases caused by intoxicated workers. You should also not that it will be your mandate to offset all the disability claims to an insurance company arising from badly injured intoxicated workers. The arm of the law will be on your neck on problems related to intoxicated workers if you despise doing drug testing process in your company.

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