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Most Popular Non-Invasive Body Contouring Treatments of 2018

There are many non-invasive body contouring and fat removal options that are made to destroy fat cells found beneath the skin while exposing skin surface to no injuries at all. the body then rids off the treated cell fats thus giving worth results within a length of two weeks or more. On achieving the end results that are permanent, you can maintain them through selective eating and commitment to exercises. These non-surgical treatments, however, need one to have a specified body weight. Over a long period, liposuction has prevailed is the only means available for contouring the body. People were much afraid of the invasive procedure as it involves an incision. As technology continually advances, it has brought about many alternatives for non-invasive body contouring. These non-invasive body contouring treatments are as explained below.

The first is coolsculpting. Coolsculpting procedure uses severe cold to destroy the fat cells of a targeted area. The procedure uses technology like that utilized in frostbite except that it does not injure the skin. The treatment runs for an hour which depends on the amount of the body being treated. The process includes natural body metabolization of the area treated thus results last for long. Apart from causing patients numbness on treated areas, coolsculpting also causes some patients initial discomfort.

The second is liposonix. A single treatment cuts across the entire abdomen. Liposonix utilizes thermal ultrasonic energy in cell destruction and promotion of collagen growth among fat layers. The treatment takes one hour with a device being held by the hands moving repeatedly on the skin surface. The treatment penetrates deeper than coolsculpting giving more permanent results. Thermal ultrasonic energy goes into the patient’s fats and destructs fat cells which are metabolized and removed from the body thereafter.

Zerona is the third procedure. Zerona utilizes cold lasers to interrupt fat cells by increasing their permeability. The laser is placed away from the body and use partnered technologies to treat a fat area. Treating the front of a target area uses 40 minutes while the back part uses 20 minutes thus giving the procedure to completely hold cells that flow into the body from burning. The procedure poses no side effects and results are eminent within a period of two weeks but they do not last for long.

Number four is the sclpsure. The procedure uses warm lasers that interrupt fat cells in an area which are then eliminated through the lymphatic system. 24-square-centimeter of applicator packs are secured on the target areas and left for 25 minutes. Most patients get heart-related distress during the treatment but no side effects occur. Due to fat cells destruction, results are permanent.